Benefits of Having an Eyelift or Eyelid Surgery

When someone looks at you, your eyes are usually the first thing they make contact with and focus on. So, if your eyelids are sagging or droopy, you may appear to be tired, sad or older than you actually are to those who are looking at you. Receiving an eyelift in Tampa from Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has many benefits for patients. A Tampa eyelift, also known as blepharoplasty, can help your eyes look more youthful and alive, and also enhance your sight by eliminating excess skin. Read the following to better understand the advantages of eyelid or eyelift surgery in Tampa and consider double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dominic of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery for the procedure.

Acquire a More Youthful Appearance – As the skin around your eyes ages it loses its elasticity, resulting in sagging and bagginess. This collection of skin due to age and gravity can become unattractive over time, so patients choose to have eyelift surgery to gain a more youthful appearance. By receiving eyelift surgery in Tampa, patients rid themselves of an older, more run-down look and appear more awake and joyful.

Improved Vision – With sagging skin around the upper eyelids and bagginess of lower eyelids, comes the potential for obscured vision. When skin hangs low over the edge of a patient’s eyelid, they are not able to see all of their surroundings, making it more difficult to drive and navigate where they are going. However, the removal of this excess skin improves sight, making every day activates easier.

The Removal of Excess Skin and Fat – By undergoing an eyelift in Tampa, patients can rid themselves of fatty tissue and excess skin around their eyes. Collected fatty tissue and excess skin cause puffiness and bags under the eyelids, which portrays an aged and unattractive look while also weighing the lower eyelid down. A weighed down eyelid can expose the white under the iris in a patient’s eye, resulting in an undesired, older look.

Reduced Irritation or Discomfort – When excess skin from weakened muscles in the face begin to rub together, irritation can occur. Sagging skin that rubs together around the eyelids can be especially irritating, because this skin is usually more sensitive in the eyelid area. Receiving an eyelift in Tampa can also alleviate discomfort in the forehead from constantly straining to lift loose eyelid skin up and out of the way, so that a patient can see.

Receiving eyelift surgery in Tampa from Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, requires an invasive procedure that usually takes a few hours. Patients will need to arrange for a family member or friend to drive them home after surgery and it is encouraged that someone stay with the patient that evening. Full recovery from a Tampa eyelift usually takes a couple weeks, and a patient should anticipate taking 1 week to 10 days off of work.

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