Common Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures

Your nose, being located at the center of your face, is one of your most distinctive features. The purpose of the nose is essential for everyday functionality. When you have functional complications with your nose it can cause you to have complications with your breathing and can compromise your quality of life. Tampa rhinoplasty can correct physical complications that make it difficult to breathe properly. If you do not suffer from nasal complications you may also elect to have a rhinoplasty procedure for aesthetic purposes. Tampa rhinoplasty experts perform several types of rhinoplasty to meet a range of needs, here are some of the most common rhinoplasty procedures.

Functional Rhinoplasty Procedures.

Tampa functional rhinoplasty can correct any physical abnormalities that cause obstruction of breathing, as well as any defects caused by physical trauma. A board-certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Dominic at Elite Facial Plastic surgery can help you achieve contours that allow you to breathe properly by reshaping the cartilage and bones of your nose. A bonus to the rhinoplasty procedure is a boost in your confidence.

Corrections of a Deviated Septum.

The septum consists of several sections of bone and cartilage. The septum separates the nasal cavity into two airways that extend from the upper part where it connects to the skull all the way down to the nostrils. The lower portion of the septum rests on the anterior nasal spine, which is a supportive bone. You can feel it at the point where your nose and the area above your upper lip meet.

A septum can become deviated if it develops or shifts to a particular side of the nasal cavity instead of creating two equal sized passageways, or the septum bends to one side creating an S-shape or bows out into a C-shape and blocks normal airflow.

Your Tampa rhinoplasty surgeon may need to reshape the upper bony portions of the septum or the cartilaginous lower portion in order to correct the deviation and alleviate any breathing issues.

Nasal Fractures.

There are many ways in which a nasal fracture can occur and affect the nose anywhere along the “bony pyramid”. Without correction, the fracture can cause obstruction of breathing and result in a misshapen nose. Different types of fractures will require different types of rhinoplasty surgeries. Some common types of fractures that can occur in the nose are as follow:

  • Greenstick
  • Saddle deformity
  • Comminuted
  • Le Fort

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty.

The ultimate goal of cosmetic rhinoplasty is to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your nose and provide a more flattering complement to someone’s unique facial structure. Tampa cosmetic rhinoplasty will combine a few different techniques in order to meet your specific desires. There are several common techniques that Dr. Dominic uses in order to achieve the desired nose size and shape.

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