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How Fat Transfer And Stem Cell Face Lifts Can Benefit Your Career

Fat transfers and stem-cell face lifts restore the lost volume to an aging face. The media does a great job at portraying how a younger looking appearance helps the Hollywood movie and TV industry. But, according to several cosmetic surgeons, it’s not just the Hollywood scene looking for the fountain of youth.

One cosmetic surgeon based in California states that, “In the corporate world, there’s a lot of emphasis on image, and image goes with self-confidence”. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that among last year’s most prominent trends, about two thirds of its members reported seeing men and women requesting cosmetic surgery because they wanted to remain competitive in the workplace, when so many employers are looking for that millennial, fresh face.

Once people reach a working age, they tend to start noticing how good-looking college graduates are more likely to get hired. According to some studies, employees tend to be willing to do more for better looking bosses, and attractive supervisors are perceived as more credible and more persuasive. However, it doesn’t only stop there; job interviews seem to go a lot better for people who look younger. So what does this mean for those of us who want to climb the corporate ladder but don’t look like Brad or Angelina?

The team at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery Body and Rejuvenation Institute know that a higher education can improve physical appearances in other’s eyes and we also recommend working out, eating well, practicing good hygiene, and dressing accordingly. For those who may want to correct or restore an aging face, a stem cell face lift can help maintain your confidence in the workplace.

Synthetic fillers are often used to restore an aging face, but the concept we use is harvesting an original volumizing agent-our own fat. This provides a more natural and potentially much longer lasting alternative. The “Stem Cell” face lift combines fat transfer with a simplicity facelift to tighten and lift sagging tissue. This simple procedure gathers excess fat from another part of the body and is injected immediately, which improves the longevity of your appearance. Injecting frozen fat usually provides correction for a short period of time.

The patient’s own fat is injected to correct volume deficiencies in areas like the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, corners of the mouth, cheeks, jawline, tear troughs and frown lines between the brows. Benefits for this procedure include the reduction of wrinkles and lines, augmenting specific areas of the face, and enhancing the face without the use of fillers or collagen.

Recovery is relatively quick and has only a slight discomfort. You may experience swelling or bruising for about a week or two. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery and Body in Tampa, recommends a limit in vigorous activity and to take at least a few days to a week off of work.

The combination of a fat transfer, stem cell facelift, and newly found confidence, will help you gain confidence and help you in your career. Request a complimentary consultation online today, and you will be one step closer to that hard earned promotion. Visit Elite Facial Plastic Surgery and Body in Tampa and find out how fat transfer and stem cell face lifts can benefit your career.

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