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How Men Benefit From a Necklift

Not every male is fortunate enough to look like George Clooney and have the amazing physical capacity to get even more handsome as they age. Outside of Mickey Rourke (age 63), who admitted to having striking face and cheek-lifts to correct early life boxing blows, virtually no male actor has admitted to going under the knife for a neck lift or other facial surgery. At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, Tampa male neck lift specialists, we have plenty of aging men willing to undergo a male neck lift in Tampa in an effort to hold onto their fleeting looks.

Enter the new male necklift trend. A male undergoing a necklift in Tampa faces a different set of challenges than their female counterparts. There is a double standard when it comes to men who are allowed to be vain, but they are not allowed to act accordingly since it takes away from their tough guy image. Could you imagine Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger at a party, exchanging phone numbers of their cosmetic surgeons? The Tampa necklifts for men specialists definitely see a proliferation of men undergoing Tampa neck lift procedures. Most men want to continue working, and they don’t want to hinder their efforts of furthering their career by seeming old.

Most men that elect to undergo a necklift procedure in Tampa want to stay on average, looking 45 years old. Our board certified cosmetic surgeons know that we need to leave some reality, wrinkles, in the picture when we perform necklifts on men. No man wants to look like they have had work or that they are trying to be 30, they want an end result that looks masculine and rugged. A common concern among our male neck lift patients is, “Don’t make me look like have had any work done.”

At the Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, our Tampa board certified neck lift surgeons have seen an influx of male neck-lifts in recent years. Many men are most concerned about turkey necks. Of course you can liposuction the turkey neck, but if there is too much skin, a quick incision will pull it together. The older male will need to get incisions behind the ears to minimize scarring, and our professional surgeons will bring the hairline underneath the ear so people will not be able to see the scarring.

While men are a lot less likely to discuss the work that they have had done by our Tampa cosmetic surgeons, they stand to benefit from undergoing cosmetic neck lifts in Tampa. Men want to look slightly more youthful, yet they want to appear rugged and not vain. A necklift for men can dramatically improve their later life careers and keep them on the same competitive playing field as their male and female counterparts. If you are interested in a necklift for men, call Elite Facial Plastic Surgery and Body today at 813-975-3223 to setup a free consultation!

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