Myths About Botox

You would be hard pressed to find someone in this modern age that has never heard the word BOTOX. Dr. Dominic and his nurse injector at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL have heard all the myths that surround this treatment. And that’s what a lot of them are: myths. Millions of people around the world have had the treatment done, from actors and actresses, popstars and everyone in between. It has been hailed a miracle treatment to quickly and effectively hold the aging process at bay for a little longer. Youthful and beautiful skin is mere minutes away.

So in order to dispel some of the myths about Botox, Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has put together a little article on the matter. You should know the facts before you decide; ask the right questions and get a little more information than just the myths that float around about Botox. Tampa is a beautiful city and this is your chance to match that sentiment. Without any more delay, here are some of the myths about Botox:

– Emotionless Faces – Chances are you’ve heard this one. It’s probably one of the most prevalent myths about Botox. You get the injection and then it’s all over. If only it were true and you wouldn’t have to show emotions again. Of course, that’s silly. When done correctly, Botox can have a dramatic effect on your appearance and still leave you smiling.

– Botox is Poisonous – Absolutely untrue. Botox is administered by professionals who would never in their right mind give a patient something that was poisonous. Botox is completely safe for your body; just look at how long it’s been out on the market and how many people use it. That alone should be enough to tell you it has been safe for years, and is still safe today.

– Botox is Only for Women – More and more doctors are seeing men walk through the doors and into the clinics to get Botox. Tampa is no exception.

– Botox Makes the Lines Worse – This is also completely untrue. If for any reason you decide to stop getting the injections, the worst that will happen is that your lines will return to their original condition before you used Botox. Tampa specialists at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery can also offer more permanent solutions to those lines.

– Too Old or Too Young – There is no definitive age on when Botox is right for you. It all depends on the persona and the situation. Some people get it in their 20s, while others get it in their 50s. It is all dependent on your doctor, situation, and preference. If you are considering Botox in Tampa, call and make an appointment.

– Botox is Just for Wrinkles – When Botox was originally approved by the FDA, it was used to treat muscle and vocal spasms. It has since been used to alleviate migraines by treating muscle tensions, thus relieving stress from the nervous system.

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