The Benefits of Mineral-Based Make-Up

It’s almost that time of year, time to head back to school! If you’re like some of your classmates, then having acne-prone skin is nothing new for you. In fact, hundreds of teens and even adults struggle on a daily basis with various skin issues; from excessive sensitivity and acne, to problems with uneven pigmentation. Traditional makeup and skin care products can bring several additional challenges to your skin. Clogging pores and adding on pounds of oily makeup can worsen skin conditions. Experience the newest makeup technology that will make you feel beautiful and leave your skin glowing.

Elite Facial Plastic Surgery now offers a wide variety of mineral-based makeup that combines foundation colors with skincare benefits that conventional makeup doesn’t provide. Mineral based makeup was first introduced by Jane Iredale. She was inspired to develop a makeup that was good for her skin and could last the long days and excessive makeup amounts that came with her career in the entertainment industry, where she saw models and actresses struggle with the ill-effects of the different kinds of makeup they wore. She saw how these skin disorders threatened careers and also destroyed self-confidence. Iredale’s experience founded the Iredale Mineral Cosmetics line, which brought the mineral makeup line Jane Iredale to the aesthetic industry. Check out some of the benefits of mineral-based make-up.

Composed of inert minerals that cannot support bacteria. The formulas are composed of inorganic minerals and are also oil-free. This supports bacteria-free growth and is super beneficial for Elite Facial Plastic Surgery patients with acne-prone-skin.

No allergy risks. Another amazing benefit of mineral-based makeup, is that it does not contain sensitizers like perfumes and chemical dyes that cause allergies. It contains iron oxide, which is a non-irritating and hypoallergenic compound. Iron oxides provide the longwearing quality in mineral makeup formulations and help to keep the skin cool by blocking out infrared rays. All Jane Iredale products are sensitivity tested and are natural anti-inflammatories, which soothes irritated skin, making mineral-based makeup gentle enough for sensitive skin types.

Will not clog pores. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery knows that the appeal of traditional makeup comes from the noticeable difference achieved when covering up imperfections on the skin. While these products provide coverage, it can prevent the skin from breathing and prolong or worsen redness, dryness and blemishes, which then create the need to wear more. Natural mineral makeup like Jane Iredale’s, can give similar or even better coverage without clogging your pores.

Has broad spectrum with UVA and UVB protection. The main ingredients in mineral makeup are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients are both physical sunscreens that provide broad spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays. Physical sunscreens sit on the skin rather than absorb in the skin, and zinc plays an important role in protecting the skin against free radical-induced oxidative damage.

Mineral-based make up can give you that flawless, poreless, natural look that you are trying to achieve, without worsening your current skin condition. Jane Iredale’s mineral-based makeup is weightless, water-resistant and practically invisible. It provides long-lasting coverage and leaves your skin with an even and smooth appearance.

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