What You Should Know before Getting a Facelift

At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa, we offer free facelift consultations and aim to fully cover every aspect of the procedure. However, there are times when patients have questions that may have slipped their minds or there may some aspects of the face lift procedure that they are unaware of. Oftentimes, people who elect to have a facelift in Tampa look back on their experience and have wishful thinking about having had a certain piece of knowledge prior to their procedure. In an effort to answer all encompassing facelift procedure questions, Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has compiled tips on what you should know before getting a facelift.

1. Find the right Tampa facelift surgeon: First off, make sure that your doctor is a Tampa board certified plastic surgeon. Second, be aware of “closers” since they work off of commission and may convince you to get more procedures that you don’t actually need. Third, make sure that you go online and read reviews instead of opting for the fanciest office you can find. Most of the time you will be paying for their rent and not the services.

2. What you should ask during a Consultation: Make sure that you shop around and interview a few different Tampa facelift surgeons. Ask friends and family if they have had any work done or reach out to prior clients of the doctors and ask about their experience. Make sure you ask about the surgeon’s previous work and if you can see pictures from previous clients.

3. Tips for your home recovery: Do not try toughing it out and going through this alone. Have a friend or nurse that will be dedicated to helping you through the recovery period. Healing is one of the most important aspects to good results, and if you are going to be paying all the money for a Tampa facelift you should be invested in taking care of yourself throughout the healing process.

4. What to expect immediately following your Tampa facelift procedure: You need to realize that you will not magically be restored to your former youth. The healing process can be slow and tedious. Right after the procedure there will be bruising, swelling, and a considerable amount of pain.

5. General or local anesthesia: Make sure that you know the differences in these forms of anesthesia. General anesthesia comes with a risk since you cannot breathe on your own. However, local anesthesia also comes with a high cost since you will be awake the whole procedure, which can be painful. Unless you have a very high tolerance for pain it is recommended to go under and be completely “knocked out”.

6. Returning to work: Many patients claim to have no problem returning to work and reported that after a few days the swelling subsided significantly, so they were able to return to working within two weeks. Depending on the kind of work you do, time frames can vary. If you work in extreme conditions or laborious positions, consult with your Tampa cosmetic surgeon on whether or not it is safe to return to work.

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