When to Consider a Brow Lift

Whether you call it a brow lift, forehead lift, or browplasty, this procedure’s main purpose is to tighten the soft tissues in your forehead.

If you have noticed that your forehead is giving in to the effects of gravity, you are the perfect candidate for a browlift. Whether it is your forehead skin, upper eyelids or eyebrows that you are looking to correct, this cosmetic procedure will help you achieve significant results.

An eyebrow is not a flat line running lifelessly across the orbital rim, nor should an eyebrow be sagging. A correct, youthful brow structure should have the eyebrow perfectly positioned above the rim, with the end of the eyebrow finishing higher than the beginning and with an arch in between.

Over time, it is common to notice signs of aging and some may notice their eyebrow beginning to flatten out into a horizontal line while others may suffer from a more severe droop. For some, the brow droop is so severe that their facial expressions are compromised.

If you are on the fence about getting a brow lift, here are a few common characteristics of patients that decide to get their sagging brows lifted.

  • You have sagging eyebrows which negatively impact your appearance
  • You have deep setting creases on your forehead
  • You have deep lines between your eyebrows
  • You have discomfort from excess skin drooping over your eyes

Dr. Dominic of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery of Tampa, Florida, recommends this cosmetic procedure for anyone who can relate to the above characteristics.

Females in particular, seek brow lifts because they have a difficult time applying eye makeup to their eyelid when they suffer from an exaggerated, sagging brow.

Do not let your sagging forehead or brows inhibit your life any longer.

A brow lift will do wonders for improving your appearance, confidence, and comfort. This cosmetic procedure repositions your eyebrow, rejuvenates your appearance, and makes you look happier and youthful!

Brow lift surgery has also become flawless over the years. Even though there are rare complications that patients must take into account as with any procedure, year-over-year the number of forehead lifts being performed increases by roughly 4%. According to cosmetic plastic surgery statistics from 2013, 46,323 forehead lifts were performed.

Forehead lift procedures are fairly simple and there are three ways your Elite Facial Plastic Surgery plastic surgeon may go about performing this cosmetic procedure.

Open Brow Lift: This process makes a long incision across your forehead. The incision can be at the hairline or in one of your forehead creases. Then, the professional brow lift surgeon at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery will proceed by loosening muscles, removing excess fat, removing excess skin, and repositioning your eyebrows to the optimal position for your facial structure.

Endoscopic Brow Lift: This form of an eyebrow lift uses a tiny video camera and minimal incisions. Small incisions are made throughout your scalp and is minimally invasive with the assistance of the endoscope.

Limited Incision Technique: This procedure combines both procedure techniques above. It does not use an endoscope however it has less incisions then the open brow lift. This hybrid form of correcting a drooping forehead does not target the main area being the eyebrows; however, it effectively corrects wrinkles.

Before making a permanent decision about this cosmetic procedure, consult a qualified plastic surgeon. Contact us at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery for your complimentary consultation.

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