When you don’t look your best, you don’t feel your best, and for the large percentage of both men and women who suffer from hair loss, it’s a feeling that’s well known. By age 35 noticeable hair loss is present in 40% of men and the same statistic is reflective of women starting at age 45. This means that nearly half the population struggles with their self-esteem due to their changing physical appearance.

Fortunately, hair loss can be addressed through hair transplants to help people get back that full, beautiful head of hair that they take pride in. Best of all, a new procedure makes the process more painless than ever before!!

The NeoGraft device, which is now being used at our facial rejuvenation clinic (among the first clinics in Florida!) for follicular unit extraction, offers the same benefits of a traditional hair transplant, but without an extensive recovery period due to the use of sutures or staples to close up the harvested area incision which may leave an unsightly scar.

Here are some of the main features and benefits of this new technology:

  • The NeoGraft device merely creates 1mm punches when the hair follicles are harvested. They close by themselves within a few days, eliminating the need for stitches or sutures!
  • Unlike the common, traditional “strip method” used for hair follicle harvesting where a strip of scalp is excised, there is no drastic scarring. This process is quite dramatic as it involves extracting a wide strip from the scalp which must be closed with sutures or staples. The old method can have a long recovery period, so this method is aesthetically  and physically more appealing.
  • There is far less likelihood that existing hair will be affected by the procedure when compared to traditional methods. This means women with long hair will not require hair extensions to improve the look of their hair before the new growth begins.
  • More hair follicles can be harvested during one visit so patients get the results they want faster and with fewer procedures

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