If you are considering getting a facelift in Tampa, there are many questions that you should ask before scheduling surgery.  First, there are a variety of facelift methods available in the area as well as many other questions that should be addressed before moving ahead with the procedure.  A facelift is a procedure that can reduce wrinkles while greatly enhancing your appearance, so it is wise to spend some time doing the research prior to deciding on the plastic surgeon and which technique will be best for your needs.

Top 10 Questions to Ask About a Facelift

Face lift1)      Do I need a facelift or is there another procedure that would work better for me?

2)      What facelift procedure or technique would work best? (there are many different techniques)

3)      How long will the facelift last?  Is it a permanent procedure or will it “wear off” over time.  This will depend on the type of procedure selected so is a good inquiry to make in advance.

4)      What areas of my face will be addressed by the facelift?  Will it reduce wrinkles in the mid-face only or also work on the lower face and jowls?

5)      What are the qualifications of the plastic surgeon?  How long has he/she been in practice and how many facelift procedures have they done?

6)      Does the plastic surgeon work in an accredited medical facility?

7)      What type of treatment plan does the doctor and staff provide?  Will there be pre-op and post-op consultations?

8)      What are the possible side-effects and what is the recovery entail?

9)      What are the costs for the procedure?

10)    What can I expect from the facelift after it has been completed?  Will it address all your needs?

Get Answers about the Facelift Procedure

In Tampa, there are many plastic surgeons and as many different facelift procedures.  If you are looking for a permanent solution to address your sagging skin, reduce wrinkles and tighten up your face, then be sure that you consider a surgical solution.  There are procedures billed as “facelifts” that are simply skin treatments that tighten only the skin but not address the underlying muscles.  These will last only a few months to a year at most depending on the method used by the doctor.  Make sure you fully understand how the plastic surgeon plans to perform your facelift, the technique, in particular.

Even when discussing surgical facelifts, there are still several ways that a facelift operation is performed.  The traditional involves extensive surgery and multiple large incisions along the hair line and behind the ears and into the hairline.  Once the incisions have been made, a surgeon can then lift both the skin and underlying muscle and tissue to improve the patient’s appearance.  Excess tissue is removed after the tightening process and then sutured in place.  This type of facelift is a permanent solution but can require quite a long recovery period and it is very invasive compared to newer types of facelift techniques.

According to Dr. Dominic, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, there are many excellent “mini-facelifts” available that can provide the permanent improvements in facial beauty but do not require as much recovery time.  Dr. Dominic utilizes a facelift technique called the Simplicity Lift that requires only two small incisions made above & behind the ears.  The underlying muscle can be repositioned and lifted and tighten the skin and muscle using a special “pulley-stitch.”  The recovery time is much quicker at 5 to 7 days and the results are a naturally younger appearance, rather than the wind-blown look of the more traditional surgery.  In any case, Dr. Dominic stresses that no matter which doctor or practice is selected, that the patient meet with the surgeon in advance to get a full understanding of the procedure prior to scheduling  surgery.

Only during a consultation, can the patient get all the questions answered fully.  Also, the doctor should have an opportunity to examine the patient and talk about goals and expectations before developing a treatment plan.  Always be sure to check the surgeon’s credentials, their length of experience and specialty and specifically with the facelift technique being discussed.   Also, choose a plastic surgeon that works in an accredited medical facility.

If you are interested in learning if a facelift is for you, feel free to contact  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dominic.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility located in Tampa Florida. Medical Director, Dr. Dominic Castellano, is a highly respected, board-certified facial plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience. The medical team is well trained and specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and injectable procedures.  Call (813) 975-3223 today to schedule your complimentary visit or go to our website for more information www.EliteTampa.com

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