Many women scour the news and internet for ways to look and feel younger, many of whom turn to cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance or reclaim their youthful look. Over the counter cream and skincare products are no miracle workers and can only do so much. A facelift procedure in Tampa can dramatically enhance a woman or man’s face and help tighten sagging skin while creating a more youthful profile.

If you have not completely decided on receiving a facelift in Tampa and you are not sure if it is time to get the cosmetic procedure or not, Dr. Dominic at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery points out two pretty good indicators that it may be time for a facelift.

1. You tend to obsess over your appearance and the way your looks change as you get older. This is a pretty good indicator that you might want to elect to have a facelift in Tampa if age is constantly on your mind and you feel defeated by your appearance. If passing a mirror or looking over old photos makes you pick at your flaws or gives you anxiety, it may be worth it to look into a facelift procedure.

2. The non-surgical remedies just aren’t cutting it anymore. There are thousands of anti-aging creams and products that are designed to reverse the signs of aging, and while some do work they are not magical elixirs and can only do so much. If you feel as though your anti-aging products just aren’t cutting it anymore or doing all that they should, it may be time to consider a Tampa facelift.

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