The latest American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery statistics report shows that cosmetic procedures fell slightly from 2013 to 2014. Despite the slight decrease, patients who have already underwent a cosmetic surgery procedure still have to take the proper steps in order to maintain their results long-term, so some numbers will typically remain consistent.

Cosmetic surgery in Tampa is ever evolving. The plastic surgery experts at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery believe that the trend for 2016 is a combination approach to cosmetic, using more than just one procedure to achieve the patient’s desired aesthetics. In 2016, it will really be about guiding patients on the best options to achieve their physical goals.

Due to the evaluation of trends, some patients’ goals will be achieved through injectables. For some it may be through cosmetic surgical procedures; and for others, the popular nonsurgical options like laser treatments in Tampa will be ideal. Regardless of what a patient is looking for, one thing for certain is that combinations of any of the aforementioned procedures is what is becoming the new norm for 2016.

Truly experienced Tampa cosmetic surgeons view their patients as an ever evolving work in progress, where they are always amending and improving their techniques and best surgical procedures. All cosmetic surgeons across the nation realize the growing demand for minimally invasive and abrasive procedures that result in more satisfied patients. Satisfied patients and great experiences are also what has people coming back for more.

In 2016, Tampa plastic surgery experts project that many patients will adopt an ongoing treatment, whether it be injectables, Botox, laser resurfacing, or Tampa facelifts and neck lifts that will be periodically marked by more aggressive cosmetic surgical procedures such as Tampa facelifts or neck lifts. The combinations of all of the above are what will create the ultimate outcome for patients.

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