Despite our best efforts to care for our skin in a way that prevents signs of aging or acne, we can all make mistakes that can undo the good habits. It’s important to understand some of the bad skin care habits that you can make so you can try to avoid them in the future.

1. You keep your makeup on when you’re exercising or sleeping – it’s most important to remove your makeup before bed because you need to give your pores time to breathe. You’ll get blemishes if your skin never gets this opportunity. Exercising in your makeup isn’t quite as detrimental, but if you can avoid it, do!

2. You never clean your makeup tools or check makeup expiry – when you’re using your makeup tools daily, there is the potential for bacteria to form. If you continue to use the objects on your face, in time there may be negative implications for your skin. Makeup also has an expiry date and should be replaced once it’s reached it whether you’ve used it all up or not.

3. You keep dirty objects close to your face – you may not realize that talking on your cell phone as much as you do could be bad for your skin. As you hold it up to your face, you’re transferring oils and bacteria which will end up against your skin the next time you use the phone.

Eliminate these bad habits and you should find that the condition of your skin improves greatly. As another part of your positive skin care regimen, contact us and discuss other treatments and procedures that can keep you looking young and healthy.

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