Elite Facial Plastic Surgery can’t believe that in less than 20 years Botox has come such a long way from the military science labs, and is now FDA approved for the treatment of frown lines! Botox has become a verb used in everyday vocabulary with astounding frequency. But, because Botox is so successful and famous for its wrinkle reducing effects, its many other uses have been overshadowed. So, if it is not just for wrinkles anymore, what else in Botox being used for? Botox was originally discovered by Dr. Alan Scott who used the muscle inhibitor as a medication for cross-eyed patients, but the medication soon became serially reincarnated for other applications.

Botox specialists in Tampa have compiled a list of other surprising uses for Botox:

1. Migraines- The FDA has recently approved Botox (Allergan) to treat patients who suffer from chronic migraines. It is the prevailing theory that Tamps Botox injections prevent pain signals from reach nerve ending when injected into seven regions around the temples, forehead, neck and shoulders.

2. Excessive sweating- For quite a few years now, Botox injectables in Tampa and around the country have been approved for severe underarm sweating. It has been proven to alleviate symptoms of all forms of sweating; including underarms, hands, and feet by blocking the chemical responsible for stimulating sweat glands.

3. Smiles that show too much gums- Usually the result of excessive lip elevation, where the upper lip rises too far above the teeth when smiling. Injecting Botox into the upper lip weakens the upper lip’s retractor muscles, so that it won’t raise as high and result in a more balanced smile.

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