Even though plastic surgery procedures are usually elective, Dr. Dominic of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery knows that it is just as important to follow healing instructions closely, for a quick recovery after a plastic surgery procedure. Tampa plastic surgery professionals also know how easy it is for a patient to be more focused on the future results instead of being concerned with the healing time. However, if patients do not follow their plastic surgeon’s orders, complications such as infections, incision re-opening, and/or increased swelling can occur. Patients also need to be aware that they will not have their dream body immediately after surgery and need to prepare themselves for the healing process after plastic surgery.

Here are Dr. Dominic’s 5 steps to properly healing after undergoing plastic surgery in Tampa:

  1. Plan your healing process in advance by eating properly and getting plenty of rest, which will help you heal quicker.
  2. Follow your Tampa plastic surgeon’s orders about medications that you will need to stop taking in advance. Some medications can increase bleeding and swelling.
  3. Talk to your plastic surgeon about the procedure beforehand, so that you know exactly what to expect from the healing process.
  4. Plan your schedule for after surgery carefully. Make sure your friends, family, work, and school are aware of the procedure and downtime that you are going to need for recovery.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids and eat a well-balanced diet after plastic surgery in order to help your body get the nutrients it needs to mend quickly.

Regardless of whether you are undergoing a facelift, neck lift, or simply getting Botox, take the proper precautions for healing after any and all plastic surgery procedures.

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