If you are considering a facelift to reduce facial wrinkles and improve your appearance, be aware that there are different facelift techniques available in the Tampa, Florida area and not all are equally effective.

Here are 6 reasons to choose a Simplicity Facelift:
Experience and expertise – The Simplicity Facelift is utilized by Dr. Dominic Castellano and has become Elite Facial Plastic Surgery’s signature procedure.  With over 2,000 flawless Simplicity Facelifts performed, you can feel comfortable knowing that your procedure will be handled by a skilled, board -certified plastic facial surgeon working in an accredited medical facility.

Tightens and minimizes wrinkles – The Simplicity Facelift provides the tightening and lifting of more invasive traditional facelift procedures without the longer surgical times and more extensive recovery period.  The neck, cheeks, and jowls are all addressed during the procedure to provide a naturally younger look.   The Simplicity Facelift  can also be combined with other procedures, such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery to improve all areas of the face if necessary.

Minimal anesthetic required – Unlike some other plastic surgery procedures the Simplicity Facelift is performed under local anesthesia.  Not only does this speak to the minor incisions themselves but it also allows for a safer surgical experience as a whole.  There is no need to be fully sedated in order to enjoy the full benefits of our Simplicity Facelift.

Shorter procedure and recovery times – Not only does the Simplicity Facelift procedure take less time to complete than a traditional facelift, the recovery time will be a week for the majority of patients vs several weeks or months for a traditional facelift surgery).   The minimally invasive surgical operation and rapid healing time means that many more patients can get the procedure without having to take extensive time off from work or activities.

Limited potential for scarring – Due to the use of smaller incisions required for the exclusive “pulley stitch” used by Dr. Dominic, there is far less possibility of scarring following the procedure.  Thanks to the master skill and expert hands of our staff at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, the Simplicity Facelift allows you the benefit of a flawless makeover without any residual indicators that you were ever under a scalpel at all.  This creates the natural look that the Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has become known for in the competitive field of plastic surgery.

Less expensive than traditional surgery – because the Simplicity Facelift is less invasive and requires a shorter operation time, the costs are less than with more extensive surgery but the benefits are comparable to older surgical methods.  Plus, the effects of the procedure are extremely long lasting making this a great investment for those seeking to improve their appearance over the long term.

Our signature cosmetic procedure has changed the lives of thousands of patients and can change your life as well with minimal cost or recovery.  If you would like to learn more about how the Simplicity Facelift can work for you, please set up a complimentary consultation with our dedicated team.  For additional questions and information please call Elite Facial Plastic Surgery at 813-975-3223 or go to our website.

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