There is a widespread myth that tanning beds don’t cause the same harm that natural sunlight does. About a decade ago as tanning beds were increasing in popularity, individuals began taking their tanning activities inside thinking they were doing a favor to their body while still getting that visually appealing tanned look. Here are some of the myths of tanning beds exposed:

* they have no UV rays – in reality, the UV rays emitted by tanning beds are three times stronger than those that come from natural sunlight. Plus, individuals are being exposed to the rays in a confined space.

* Sunscreen is not required in tanning beds – many people that frequent tanning beds applying tanning oils to attract the rays, rather than sunscreen. But, with the exposure to UV rays, sunscreen should in theory be applied, although people are better off avoiding tanning beds which is an option they don’t have with sunshine!

* Skin cancer can’t develop from tanning beds – with stronger UV rays than natural sunlight, tanning beds can contribute to the presence of skin cancer. In fact, 90% of skin cancer is caused by UV exposure.

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