Protruding ears can lead to self-consciousness and withdrawal from social situations for both children and adults. Children with protruding ears face ridicule and teasing in school. Adults often find themselves changing their hairstyles and avoiding social situations in order to hide the appearance of their ears.   However, many people do not realize that there is a solution to help correct the appearance of the ears – Otoplasty (Ear Surgery).

Otoplasty is a solution for both children and adults who want to remedy any issues that they have with the look of their ears.  Some people complain about the size of their ears, the lack of symmetry, or commonly, the exaggerated protrusion of their ears from the side of the head.  The ears are such a prominent facial feature that any insecurities caused by them can lead to attempts to camouflage or cover up with clothing or hairstyles.  Unfortunately, teasing can lead to withdrawal and depression in children and young adults if it is not addressed early enough.

For most patients, ear surgery is performed under a local anesthetic and a mild sedative.  For some younger children this may be modified based on height, weight, and other developmental factors. Dr. Dominic Castellano, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida states that in cases of infantile ear defects and deformities, surgical corrections should be performed when the child is about six years old.  When the patient is still around this age their ears are almost fully formed at the adult size and shape.  Of course for adults that want to improve the appearance of their ears, otoplasty can be performed at any time though Dr. Dominic recommends a consultation to discuss all options before scheduling a procedure.

Otoplasty surgery is completed in our accredited medical facility in about 1 to 2 hours and most patients can expect functional recovery in about one week.   Dr. Dominic uses a special suture technique for reshaping the ear instead of techniques which involve cutting or sculpting cartilage. This produces a more natural-looking result, and requires less downtime.   This technique has given patients the opportunity to experience the same benefits of ear surgery without some of the more common negative effects.  The skilled hands of our board-certified medical staff make this method the best and safest option for permanently improving the appearance of our patients who have concerns about the look of their ears.   If you would like to schedule a consultation for more information then please call 813-975-3223 or visit us online.

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