Lip injections are fast becoming an industry standard among patients and plastic surgeons across the US. The benefits of lip enhancement are clear, and that’s why so many people, including actresses and high-profile women, are choosing to get their lips spruced up just a bit. The lip injections specialists at our Tampa practice have put together a list of some of the benefits of getting fuller lips with injections. Sit back and pucker up!

From Thin to Full

If you have thin lips due to genetics or aging and want to get that voluptuous, full look, enhancement is the way to go. Instead of trying to temporarily duplicate the look with lipstick or the “overlining” trick, take the time to get your lips filled with a hyaluronic acid-based filler. This will give you results that will last for months and look equally as attractive with or without makeup. Our injectors will ask you to look in a mirror throughout your treatment to make sure you’re getting exactly the result you want. If there’s an issue, we can address it immediately.

Finding Balance

Having full lips is often a great way to balance out the rest of your face. If you are looking to find symmetry and harmony between your features, you may not only benefit from lip enhancement, but you’ll be able to see the effects almost immediately. Just give your lips a day or 2 to stop swelling, and you’ll notice the change the treatment makes on the overall look of your face. See this previous blog post for more info on what you can expect in the days following your treatment.

Goodbye Lip Lines

Lip injections specialists at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery are in the business of making patients truly look their best. Having fuller lips can create a younger appearance by filling in and erasing vertical lines on the lips. This can be especially effective when combined with treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic on surrounding areas.

Achieving a natural look is one of the most important aspects of any plastic surgery procedure. By choosing the right doctor and fully discussing the options available to you during the consultation, you can achieve the natural look you want.

To see real patient lip injections results, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

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