At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, we understand the importance of safe practices when it comes to plastic surgery injectables. Our expert plastic surgeons in Tampa take all of the necessary precautions to not only protect patients, but also the environment.

Our board certified Tampa plastic surgery professionals want to make your experience at our facility as comfortable as possible, which is why our staff has drafted some of the plastic surgery injectables best practices and techniques that we follow to ensure safety and quality results.

1. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery plastic surgeons will first study the desired injectable site and the surrounding muscles. After a complete assessment has been done on the designated area, we mark the injection sites with a washable skin marker.

2. Then, our Botox specialist will select the injection site so that the treatment will not extend beyond the desired diffusion zone, as it is best practice to decide prior to the procedure exactly how far the Botox injection should diffuse.

3. For Botox facial injections, your doctor will start with the frontalis belly, which is the upper forehead area.

4. We will ask the patient to frown to assess the bulk of muscle contraction, then have them relax and inject at noted areas that could use improvement from Botox injectables.

5. Next, our Tampa Botox injector will gently tip the periosteum with the needle, withdraw slightly, and inject while monitoring the syringe gradations.

6. Our experts aim to use the smallest volume of the lowest concentration that is necessary in order to provide the desired paralysis of the target muscles for at least 12 weeks.

7. Usually, we will inject 0.1 ml Botox one centimeter above the superior orbital rim (not brow) to treat the targeted glabellar muscle (where eleven lines occur), which will avoid diffusion towards the levator muscle that contracts and causes the eyebrows to raise; ultimately allowing Botox to not affect your eyebrows or cause drooping.

8. Since Elite Facial Plastic Surgery strives for the best outcome for our patients when they undergo a Tampa Botox procedure, our plastic surgeons will add to a procedure in the following days if more is wanted to achieve a desired effect.

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