In recent months, teenage bullying has been a very popular topic in the media but more recently it’s been linked to the cosmetic surgery industry in a way that seems to surprise many. It shouldn’t come as news to anyone that teens often struggle with their body image, and that can in part be attributed to the criticism of their peers. But what may surprise you is that many teens are getting plastic surgery with the consent of their parents as an anti-bullying method.

Teens under the age of 18 are going under the knife to deal with their body image issues that their peers won’t let them forget about. Presumably, their parents are seeing the emotional trauma that their kids are experiencing and deciding to support the decision for plastic surgery.

Naturally, this is concerning to some Americans who worry that teens are getting plastic surgery, not for themselves, but for others, which can mean they’ll regret the decision. They’re also worried what values are being instilled in teens in terms of how they can effectively cope with bullying.

Approximately 90,000 teens in the United States had plastic surgery in 2007 (when the last census was conducted) indicating that this is not a new trend, but as our society is more concerned about bullying than ever before, it’s become a hot topic again.

Please tell us what you think about using plastic surgery as an anti-bullying method and if you’re contemplating a cosmetic procedure at any age, contact us for more information.

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