Selfies are self-portrait photos snapped with a cellphone camera. They are an increasingly popular method of self-expression so it is not wonder people in Tampa ask how they can improve selfies.  Some ask because they do not like what they see of themselves in the picture.  There are plenty of technical tricks to help enhance the photo quality, but improving the face itself is a little bit more difficult. One part of the face that is extremely visible in a selfie is the chin.  Because selfies are taken from a Bad Chin Selfielower angle, the chin becomes more prominent in the picture.  This is also the case when you are on Skype or any web photos as the camera on the computer is usually located below the chin.  Some people have chosen to get chin enhancements in order to improve their selfies. If you do not like your selfie picture, a chin implant or chin enhancement can make a world of difference.

Chin enhancements can Improve Selfies

Many people don’t realize how important their chin is to their overall appearance and facial balance.  If you are constantly trying to improve selfies, take a second look at your chin.  Is it strong and angled or is it more recessed, creating a sunken profile?  A weak or recessed chin detracts from the balance of the face and can affect how other features look as well.  For example, a weak chin can actually make the nose look larger.  It can also make it appear as if the lower face is blending into the neck.  As we age, a recessed chin can become more pronounced because the rest of the face begins to sag, making it more and more difficult to get that camera angle that will make you look your best.  You can certainly improve selfies by stretching out your neck and angling your chin outward, but chin enhancements can improve the angle of your face permanently.  This will not only improve selfies, but improve the way others see you and how you see yourself every day.

Two Ways to Improve Selfies by Enhancing your Chin

There are two ways to improve selfies through chin enhancements.  One is by getting a surgical chin implant; the other method is to use dermal fillers to augment the chin.  According to Dr. Dominic M. Castellano, each of these methods has its advantages.  “A chin implant will last a lifetime and is a great way to strengthen a weak chin. And an injectable chin enhancement offers a lot of flexibility and can repair a number of chin defects, but it is not a permanent solution.  For some patients, an injectable chin augmentation can provide quick results for those that want to look better for an upcoming event.  It is also a way to ‘try on’ the look of a chin enhancement before committing to a surgical procedure.”

An injectable chin augmentation uses dermal fillers to add volume to improve the contours of the chin.  Injectable fillers can be sculpted to provide the desired shape, projection, width or length to the chin.  Dr. Castellano will often use Radiesse to increase the size and width of the chin and may also use other fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane to form the perfect dimensions desired.  Depending on the fillers used, the treatment can last up to a year to eighteen months before another procedure is required to maintain the look.  A chin enhancement done with dermal fillers will take only days to a week to show the final results and requires little to no downtime from work or activities.  This is a great way to improve your chin for a specific event or to get a better idea of what a chin implant could do to improve your appearance before you decide to invest in the more permanent surgery.

Chin Implants will Improve your Selfies Permanently

Because the chin is the base of the face, it is often very prominent in a selfie picture.  The addition of a chin implant can often make a dramatic improvement that seems to positively enhance all the facial features at once.  Many patients are surprised to find out that a chin implant is a relatively simple procedure that can be done under local anesthesia in about 30 minutes in our accredited medical facility in Tampa.  The implants are actually inserted through an incision under the chin that is closed with dissolvable stitches, minimizing the risk of scarring. While some mild swelling and bruising will occur after the procedure, it should subside in one to two weeks.  After the area has completely healed, patients can go back to their normal activities.  Chin implants create a visible difference in a patient’s profile, creating better balance and symmetry that will definitely improve selfies.  A chin implant can add strength to the chin and balance out all the facial features.  It is a long-term solution that many find to be a perfect answer for many patients that are not happy with the look of their lower face.

If you want to improve selfies and feel confident in the way you look to yourself and to others, call Elite Facial Plastic Surgery today at (813)975-3223 to find out how cosmetic procedures like chin implants or an injectable chin augmentation, can positively improve your appearance in a naturally beautiful way.  You can also visit our web site for more information. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility.  Dr. Dominic Castellano is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon and an expert in his field.

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