Even when your skin naturally looks its best thanks to a great skin care regimen and facial procedures, you can still further benefit your appearance with a good foundation. The right concealer will enhance the look of your skin rather than give the impression that you are using your makeup like a mask.

Tips for Picking a Foundation

Before shopping for a foundation, there are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I need a concealer to cover up any perceived facial flaws?
  • Do I need a concealer that will disguise the signs of aging rather than drawing attention to fine lines and wrinkles?
  • Do I have acne or suffer with oily skin?
  • Do I live in a hot or humid climate?

All of the above can help you determine the type of foundation that you require. Some of the options are outlined below.

Different Types of Skin Foundation

  • Liquid foundation – typically liquid foundation is either oil-based or water-based. This kind of foundation blends into the skin well and is long-lasting. Oil-based foundation should be avoided if you have acne, although it is beneficial if you have dry skin.
  • Mousse foundation – mousse foundation is better on younger, smooth skin. When applied correctly, it is easy to blend into your natural skin tone.
  • Liquid to powder foundation – the powder look does not work well if you have deep lines and wrinkles. However, it does provide a matte look and prevents shine in warm climates.

Purchasing Your Foundation

Elite Facial Plastic Surgery carries Jane Iredale skincare products. We can help you choose the right foundation for your skin type and teach you how to apply it effectively.

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