For anyone interested in an overall anti-aging facial makeover, you may wish to consider combining a brow lift with a non-surgical mid-face lift to improve your appearance.  At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery this combination is a very popular option for patients who want to reduce wrinkles and restore a more youthful expression.

For many patients, a traditional full facelift that involves invasive surgery is not necessary to fix many facial flaws if a brow lift with an injectable mid-face lift can do the trick.  This combination allows for minimal surgical intervention and rapid healing time, while addressing most common wrinkles across the mid to upper face region.  Often people do not realize that there are multiple options available to them to address specific issues and we recommend that you set up a complimentary consultation to determine what will work best to help you achieve the look you desire.

Combining a brow lift with one of our non-surgical mid-face lifts will generally address the majority of aging effects associated with wrinkling and sagging.  While they will individually help to give a more youthful look to one part of the face or another, doing them both at the same time will give you a more youthful appearance overall—not limited to just around the eyes or the forehead.  It is often recommended that patients combine multiple procedures to lessen the necessity for additional procedures in the future.  At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery our staff will assess any aging effects you may be experiencing and can help to predict how, and when, you may suffer from additional effects which would detract from any cosmetic procedures you have opted for beforehand.  Our staff may, or may not recommend bundling your surgical options.

The recovery time for our non-surgical mid-facelift and brow lift is usually a few days to a week, while traditional facelifts can require several weeks.  Both the brow lift and the non-surgical cosmetic treatments are non-invasive in terms of the limited areas of the face injected with needles or sutured.  Brow lifts restrict any scarring to the hairline which makes this particular combination of options incredibly natural and flawless looking.

If you are considering the benefits of combining these procedures, or opting for them separately, we encourage you to give our skilled and dedicated staff a call at 813-975-3223, visit our website for more information.  Here at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery we are passionate about improving the lives of our patients through beautification services that will allow you to look as young as you feel.

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