Cosmetic Ear Surgery Changes 6 Year Old's Life | Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Tampa FL

Tampa plastic surgeons like Dr. Dominic are proud to know that plastic surgery procedures can create a profoundly positive change in someone’s life. Whether you believe in using plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons or to correct some sort of defect, plastic surgery creates many positive outcomes.

Gage Berger is a six-year-old boy who lives in Utah and was relentlessly bullied for his prominently protruding ears that made him the subject of unwanted tease and taunts from kids who called him “elf ears”. Gage’s parents told reporters that the teasing changed him from a playful and outgoing little boy into an introverted child who started keeping to himself all the time. His parents said that he often complained that he didn’t want to go to school.

Gage’s parents began researching cosmetic ear surgery because they were afraid the bullying would permanently affect their son. The parents fully explained the cosmetic surgery to their son and ultimately left the decision up to him. Gage was very visibly excited for the ear surgery and so his parents decided to have the cosmetic procedure performed.

Elite Facial Plastic Surgery of Tampa was overwhelmed with joy to hear that when the ear surgery was complete, Gage was smiling from ear to ear over his new ears. Gage seems to be back to his old self and couldn’t be happier. His confidence has been boosted and he has a new found courage to stand up to his school bullies – who no longer have a reason to tease him.

Gage’s outcome was one that the Tampa plastic surgery professionals at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery thoroughly enjoys. Stories like Gage’s make us proud to be able to offer procedures like Tampa ear surgery.

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