Cosmetic Surgeries Could Reduce Migraine Pain

While many people are content with having facials to improve their appearance and the way they feel about themselves, migraine surgeries could become the next popular thing. Recent studies have indicated that migraine sufferers could find relief by having a surgery that would deactivate trigger points.

Studies have also shown that more than 30 percent of people who have had cosmetic surgery in the past five years are now suffering less from their migraines. The procedure for relieving trigger points is a cosmetic procedure in which muscle and nerve triggers are removed.

Of the people involved in a trial study, headaches were reduced on more than 59 percent of the patients and 29% reported their migraines were completely eliminated. Plastic surgery has often been thought of nothing more than a way to enhance physical looks. Now, with this breaking research, cosmetic surgeries could be the answer to curing migraines for millions of people.

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