Plastic surgery is becoming a stereotypical ethnic playground for cosmetic surgeons.  Although they try not to stereotype, surgeons are finding cosmetic requests predictable when it comes to different ethnicities and their ideals of beauty.

Their Chinese clients want their upturned noses turned down. Russian patients want breast implants.  Latinos want cosmetic procedures that will create more curves. Many Italian women focus on their knees when it comes to plastic surgery, desiring a youthful knee for their preference of shorter skirts.  Egyptian and Iranian men and women opt for face lifts and nose jobs.  Chinese men and women are choosing procedures that enlarge the eye, because a larger eye is a form of beauty. Many Latino clients are paying for breast enhancement surgery and buttocks lifts to look curvier. There are ethnic links due to different physical ideals in different cultures.

Although plastic surgery is performed world-wide, New York seems to have specific targeted surgeries tailored for certain ethnic groups.  New immigrants find themselves going to plastic surgeons to have their faces and bodies reconstructed to look like their cultural idols or stereotypical ethnic influenced attributes.

Long ago, many immigrants  living in America wanted to look “more American”, with European Jews having nose jobs, and the Irish having their ears pinned back. Today, ethnicity is becoming more favorable, and many people from different backgrounds are aiming to look more culturally beautiful than embracing standardized American beauty.

With plastic surgery becoming more affordable and surgeons becoming more advanced , any ideal of beauty is achievable. You can learn more about your options for plastic surgery at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery.

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