Have you tried makeup, concealer, anti-histamines, cucumbers, tea bags, caffeine and every cream on the market to cure the wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes?  Are they still there and getting worse?  Do your friends ever ask you if you are tired or angry, when you are not?

If so, than you may be interested to learn that there are many excellent non-invasive treatments available to reduce wrinkles, tighten up your eyelids and erase the bags under your eyes.  According to Dr. Dominic Castellano, a Plastic Surgeon in Tampa, FL, there are injectable products that can dramatically reduce facial lines with little (if any) recovery downtime.

Botox is one such miracle drug for treating wrinkles around the eyes. Botox and other similar drugs weaken the muscles of facial expression, allows the muscle to relax and results in the disappearance of wrinkles caused by muscle pull. Dr. Dominic also recommends that his Tampa area patients use Xeomin to treat crow’s feet and other facial crinkles. Xeomin is equally effective but less expensive than the better known form of botulinum toxin sold under the brand name Botox in Tampa and elsewhere.

Dermal fillers are another option. These can be placed in an area below the lower rim of the eye or in the cheeks to treat sunken eyes and dark circles. Each of the dermal fillers works differently to achieve the look you desire but in general, they fill in sunken areas while also stimulating the body to produce more collagen. Results can be astonishing and well worth the investment. The fillers most often used for this purpose are Juvederm and Restylane. Both contain Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance found in the body that helps transfer essential nutrients from the bloodstream to skin cells.

Laser skin treatments can also help eliminate fine lines and facial wrinkles. Laser surgery removes unwanted, damaged skin in a very precise manner one layer at a time. It simultaneously heals the underlying layer and works to stimulate growth of new collagen fibers. After the skin heals, it is smoother and firmer.

For more severe furrows, brow lines, baggy lids and deep wrinkles, there are cosmetic surgery procedures such as brow lifts or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) that can create the look you desire.  In any case, it is worthwhile to set up a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon in Tampa to discuss your concerns and gather more information about the specific solution recommended for you.

And if you think that this sounds like an expensive approach to the wrinkle problem, consider how much you’ve already spent on potions, lotions and creams over the years. Non-invasive injectables can actually be a great investment to help bring back a youthful appearance that will be far longer lasting than anything that comes from a jar.

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