Are you not happy with your appearance? Do you find yourself trying to cover up your unsightly drooping bags or hollows under your eyes with make up?

Do not worry because you are not alone. There are many people in Tampa, FL who suffer from under eye bags and hollow eyes. Dr. Dominic at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL deals with patients with bags and hollows regularly.

Do you know which you suffer from?

Before moving onto a quick fix at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, it is always beneficial to learn more about the targeted are you are looking to treat. Continue reading below to learn the difference between under eye bags verse hollows and how plastic surgeons in South Florida generally treat them.

Bags: The dropping skin under your lower eyelid is actually excess fat. The

Treatment: Bag may be eliminated by removing excess fat with a one to two hour surgery and a small incision. Through and small and once healed invisible scar, fat is removed or repositioned and the muscle is tightened.

Hollows: Unlike bags, hollows under your eyes is a deficiency of fat. The lack of fat under the eye causes a deep concavity which also gives the appearance of unpleasant dark circles under and around the eyes.

Treatment: In order to hide deep hollows, you can use fillers or release the ligaments causing them with a surgical procedure.

In some cases, patience suffer from both bags and hollows. In these instances the appearance of the hollow is accentuated from the excess fat which sits just over the concavity. Nonetheless, both bags and hollows under the eye can be treated! Just ask for a consultation with Dr. Dominic, Elite Facial Plastic Surgery’s double board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa!

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