Sunless tanning products are increasing in popularity since people are becoming more concerned about skin health and harm caused by the sun. There are various different categories of sunless tanning products to choose from, and all will help preserve your skin health!

1. Lotions – lotions are lighter in consistency and many of the popular brands contain Erythulose which helps with absorption and maintaining color. The lighter consistency is easier to apply evenly, according to many users because it is easy to spread. The only downside is the potential for the product to stain your hands temporarily if you take too long to apply without washing.

2. Creams – typically, sunless tanning creams contain the same ingredients to provide color as lotions. They are thicker and beneficial for drier skin types.

3. Foams – foaming sunless tanner is relatively easy to apply since it can go on smoothly. Streaks from the product can appear more easily than with lotion or cream in some cases because it absorbs so quickly and is not always visible on the skin.

4. Spray – these can be applied at home. The easiest spray tanners to apply go on with a light mist to ensure that they are even.

5. Pills – sunless tanning pills that promise to increase color are also available.

Remember, staying out of the sun is a great method to keep your skin looking young. When you are outside and exposed to sunlight, ensure that you apply sunscreen. Do also talk to your doctor before selecting any skin care products and ascertain any potential side effects.

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