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Lemon water is one of those substances that people believe will cure anything that ails them. One of these beliefs is that lemon water offers extensive benefits to skin health. The question is whether or not that is fact or fiction?

Fact or Fiction: The Benefits of Lemon Water

Warm lemon water is said to help the body cleanse itself of toxins (specifically through the liver). Holistic practitioners often believe that the presence of any toxins in the body cause problems with overall health and appearance. Once the system is flushed, this belief dictates that the skin will reap the benefits. Uneven skin tone, sallowness of the skin, and acne can all improve as a result.

Additional rumored benefits (which like the one above, are not backed up by any scientific evidence) include:

  • Lemon water is a diuretic and can therefore minimize bloat caused by excess water weight
  • Lemon water speeds up the metabolism when taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning
  • The acidity in the lemons reduces phlegm and mucus
  • As a diuretic the lemon water can help treat urinary tract infections

Fact: Maintaining Hydration Benefits Skin and Overall Health

Regardless of what you believe about the above, consuming lemon water will offer you nothing but benefits. After all, drinking plenty of clean, fresh water daily does benefit your skin and your overall health. The taste of the lemon may help you increase your enjoyment of water and therefore your consumption.

Other Ways To Improve Your Skin

Professional skin care services can also improve your skin health greatly. To learn more how medical services can help you, contact us today.

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