Selfies are popular with people of all ages as a way to share their image with the world.  Some people seem to capture the perfect image in one shot while others have to invest a great deal of energy to perfect selfies.  There are ways to improve your selfies by angling the camera a different way or using better lighting.  But unfortunately for many of us, it isn’t the camera angle or the light that is causing the problem.  It is simply that age has caught up with us.  At that point, the only real way to improve your selfies is to improve our appearance because selfies are a reflection of exactly how we look in the moment.  If your selfies make you look older and more tired than you think they should, a facelift and/or a neck lift can greatly improve your selfies.

A Neck Lift can Improve your Selfiesinprove-your-selfies

A neck lift will improve your selfies dramatically in several ways.  As we get older our skin tends to sag and stretch, causing folds of skin to drape across the neck. This is often referred to as “turkey neck” and is particularly bothersome to many patients as they age.  Turkey neck is almost impossible to hide in a selfie unless it is covered up with a scarf, so many of us are forced to come face to face with the effects of aging each time we snap a photo of ourselves. Tightening and removing sagging skin from the neck area is a cosmetic procedure that can subtract years from our appearance, restoring a youthful look and a more attractive profile.

Traditional neck lifts involved a lot of cutting, stitching and downtime and significantly more risk than today’s procedures.  Dr. Dominic M. Castellano an expert facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, performs the Simplicity Neck Lift on his patients, which is an advanced procedure that is much less invasive than traditional surgery.  The Simplicity Neck Lift was developed at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery and requires only one small incision under the chin.  This allows the doctor to tighten the muscles and reduce sagging with much less risk of noticeable scarring.  Because cutting is reduced, so is downtime.  Patients can generally return to their normal activities more quickly than they could after traditional surgery but the results are the stunning.  This procedure corrects the angle of the neck to the chin and makes patients look years younger, helping to improve their outer appearance and, of course, improve selfies. The Simplicity neck lift can also be combined with other procedures, like the Simplicity facelift, for even more dramatic results.

Improve your Selfies with a Facelift

Are you frustrated from trying to improve your selfies? Do you look at them and cringe because you don’t feel as old as you look, but sagging skin and wrinkles seem to have taken over your face?  If your selfie makes you think you need a facelift, you may want to schedule an appointment with a facial plastic surgeon to explore the options.  A facelift will improve the overall look of your face and reduce wrinkles and sagging skin all over, creating a much more youthful countenance and a more attractive appearance.

Facelifts have come a long way in recent years.  The Simplicity Facelift, developed and perfected at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is much less invasive that traditional surgery, requires significantly less downtime but produces the same dramatic results.  Eyes are lifted, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are smoothed and jowls are tightened to create a more contoured face that truly restores a youthful appearance.  The procedure involves much less cutting and can be performed in about an hour under local anesthesia, making it much more practical for busy Tampa residents.  Many patients who decide to get the Simplicity facelift also choose to have the Simplicity neck lift performed to complete their youthful transformation.  A facelift will definitely improve selfies, but will also do much more.  A facelift will permanently reduce years from your face and improve how you look and feel about yourself.

Do you need a Facelift or Neck Lift to Improve your Selfies?

If you want to improve your selfies and feel confident in the way you look to yourself and others, call Elite Facial Plastic Surgery today at (813)975-3223 to find out how cosmetic procedures like neck lifts and facelifts will positively alter your appearance in a naturally beautiful way.  You can also visit our web site for more information.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility.  Dr. Dominic Castellano is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon and an expert in his field of facial plastic surgery.

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