Have you looked in the mirror and noticed wrinkles that shouldn’t be there?  Do photos of yourself make you look older than you feel?  Unfortunately there comes a time for all of us when our age catches up to us and begins to show on our faces.   This is especially true in sunny climates like Tampa where the sun can have an adverse effect on our skin.  Wrinkles and fine lines appear, skin begins to sag and the face and neck lose the smooth contours they once had.  If this has happened to you, you may be considering a way to reduce wrinkles permanently.  For Tampa residents thinking about getting a facelift, there is an exciting new technique that is far less invasive than the older more traditional facelift procedure.Facelift Patient Before and After

Some people that consider a traditional facelift have put it off because they are concerned about the side-effects, bruising and downtime that follow.  These are legitimate concerns, especially for people who have to get back to work and to their normal activities quickly.  Dr. Dominic M. Castellano, of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, understands this and has perfected a much less invasive procedure called the Simplicity Facelift that offers the benefits of a traditional facelift without extensive downtime.  The Simplicity facelift reduces wrinkles and restores a youthful appearance to the face and neck but recovery time is measured in days rather than weeks.

Reduce Wrinkles with a Simplicity Facelift

A traditional surgical facelift is a complex procedure that requires a surgeon to make multiple incisions along the hairline beginning at the temples and continuing down to the ears. This allows the surgeon to stretch and tighten the facial muscles underneath. Skin is also tightened and any excess tissue is removed before the skin is stitched back into place.  When performed by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, a facelift is a highly effective and permanent way to reduce wrinkles.  However, the numerous incisions require patients to wear bulky bandages and result in significant bruising and swelling that can take weeks to heal.  Recovery is slow and patients are not able to return to work or resume normal activities until the bandages can be removed.

The Simplicity Facelift offers the same benefits as traditional surgery without extensive downtime.  It is a precise and advanced procedure that requires fewer incisions that are much smaller, reducing the risk of scarring and infection.  The muscles are still stretched and tightened, just like in traditional facelift surgery so the results are the same, but patients can generally return to their normal activities in a just a few days.  The procedure is performed under local anesthesia so, unlike traditional surgeries, patients don’t have to be put to sleep.  Dr. Castellano and his staff at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery are experts in the procedure, which is performed in their accredited medical facility and can be completed in about an hour.

Facelift will Reduce Wrinkles Permanently

While there are temporary, non-surgical methods of reducing wrinkles that work well, many patients are looking for a permanent solution to aging.  Facelifts are the only permanent way to reduce wrinkles and restore youth to the face.  However, many people who are considering a facelift are concerned about not looking natural afterwards.  They don’t want to look like they’ve “had work done.” The Simplicity Facelift is an ideal solution for those patients.  It will eliminate deep wrinkles around the mouth, nose and eyes.  It will also restore the youthful contours of the face by eliminate sagging skin and jowls.  The Simplicity Facelift results in a natural appearance because the muscles are simply tightened and stretched.  The results are completely natural-looking and  make patients look years younger.

Am I a Candidate to Reduce Wrinkles with a Simplicity Facelift?

There are various factors that determine whether a patient is a good candidate for the Simplicity Facelift.  If wrinkles are very fine or the degree of aging is slight, Dr. Dominic may recommend a non-surgical solution.   He will also consider the elasticity of the skin, flexibility and bone structure as well as overall health when recommending this, or any procedure. It is important to consult with a board-certified physician before making a decision about any medical procedure, and Dr. Dominic wants to make sure that you choose the procedure that is best for you.  However, because the Simplicity Facelift is minimally invasive and offers quick recovery, it is a perfect option for patients who may not have been candidates for traditional surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about the Simplicity Facelift and whether it is right for you, please contact Elite Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a complimentary consultation.  During the consultation you will be able to find out more about the procedure and get answers to all of your questions about the Simplicity Facelift as well as other surgical and non-surgical methods of reducing wrinkles.  Call (813) 975-3223 or fill out our form for a complimentary consultation.


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