Many Americans choose to go under the knife, but there are others who just do not have the luxury of option. Some individuals require a surgery that is necessary, instead of a choice. Facial transplants have been making headlines and are an example of a reconstructive surgery.

The very first facial transplant was done by Jean-Michael Dubernard in France, and it was a world-wide achievement in the field of cosmetic surgery.  Since then, fourteen facial transplants have been completed worldwide, including the United States.

Facial reconstruction or transplant occurs when plastic surgery is not enough. The first United States facial transplant was for a woman named Connie Culp after she received a bullet wound to the face . Multiple plastic surgeries could not help, so a facial transplant was completed in 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio and rendered better results.

Facial Transplant Risks

A greater number of facial transplants are being performed. Unfortunately, severely disfigured individuals who desire facial transplants are not always eligible.  This is an extreme surgery and it poses many risks that do not always outweigh the benefits. Two out of the fourteen facial transplants that have been completed had the patients die as they were unable to tolerate a foreign body part. The two deceased individuals also had trouble accepting the anti-rejection medications that were given to help make the transplant successful.

Additional Facial Procedures

While Elite Facial Plastic Surgery does not offer facial transplant procedures, there are a variety of other surgical and non-surgical procedures offered.

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