Facelift surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the Tampa, Florida region.  Facelifts are designed to help reverse the most visible forms of facial aging and restore the appearance of youth.  However, many people are not entirely clear on what facelift surgery entails and whether it is a good solution to reduce wrinkles and reverse their facial aging.  In this article, we will provide the facts about face lift surgery in Tampa and help you determine if you are a good candidate for this form of plastic surgery.

What Exactly is a Face Lift?

Most people believe that the primary goal of a facelift is to reduce wrinkles across the entire face.  This is not exactly true, as the procedure is really all about tightening the sagging skin facelift-optionsalong the lower face and jaw.  A facelift, done correctly by an experienced plastic surgeon, will naturally reduce wrinkles by smoothing out the skin.  This will often result in a more youthful, vibrant looking appearance overall, but may not affect wrinkles around the eyes or in the forehead region.

In some cases, a good surgeon may recommend an additional treatment to treat wrinkles in the upper portion of the face, or suggest an alternative procedure if the aging is more visible around the brows or eyes.  The best advice is to seek out a consultation with a board-certified surgeon in order to get an expert opinion on how to reverse your facial aging.

Depending on the surgeon’s recommendation and the degree of aging of your face, the surgeon may suggest a surgical facelift, a brow lift, a neck lift, laser resurfacing or some combination of procedures.  There are also non-surgical options available including a non-surgical facelift (also known as a liquid facelift) as well as less invasive surgical options such as the Simplicity Lift used at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery.

How is a Face Lift Accomplished?

A traditional facelift often involves multiple incisions made along the hairline beginning at the temples and continuing down to the ears.  This allows the surgeon to access the facial muscles and underlying tissue.  Once the incisions are made, then the surgeon will stretch, tighten and secure the muscles of the face and the skin on top.  Any excess tissue will be removed and all will be stitched back into place.  This is all done under either general or local anesthesia.  Once completed, the face will often show swelling and bruising in the days following surgery.  With traditional face lifts, the recovery time is often fairly slow, lasting several weeks to a month or so.  Often a patient will have bandages during the initial recovery period and not be able to work or resume activities until the covering is removed.

By comparison, the Simplicity Facelift is far less invasive but offers many of the same, long lasting benefits of the traditional lift.  The difference is that Dr. Dominic, the plastic surgeon at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery will make fewer smaller incisions to access the underlying facial muscles.  The muscles will still be stretched and tightened as with the older style surgery but the recovery time is much quicker because there is less healing involved around the incisions.  This procedure is also less likely to leave a patient with visible scars and lessens the possibility of infection.  With both forms of facelift surgery, the results are considered to be permanent.

There are Non-Surgical Face Lifts Too

A non-surgical facelift is a wonderful alternative for some patients that are looking for quicker results or that want to “try  on” a facelift in advance.  A non-surgical lift uses dermal fillers and injectable products to mimic the look of a facelift.  Rather than stretching the skin, the wrinkles are “filled” in from beneath the skin and volume is added to give lax skin a “lift.”  A liquid facelift is not permanent but can last from 3 months to a year depending on the patient’s degree of aging and on the fillers used for the treatment.

In all cases, it is important to consult with a board-certified surgeon that specializes in facial procedures.  Look for a surgeon that has had much experience with facelift surgery before scheduling a treatment and be sure that the procedure is to be done in an accredited medical facility.  Do you r homework first to research the best doctors in the area and set an appointment to meet with the doctor before surgery to learn exactly how they will perform the facelift on you.  If you do not get a chance to meet with the doctor in advance or are not comfortable with their answers, then seek out another plastic surgeon.   Facelifts are generally considered to be very safe when done by a well-qualified surgeon but not all plastic surgeons have the same degree of experience.  At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dominic Castellano is well-known for his abilities to create a more youthful but still very natural appearance.  Call to schedule an appointment today to meet Dr. Dominic Castellano and find out if you are a good candidate for a facial lift.

Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility under the direction of expert plastic surgeon, Dominic M. Castellano, MD.  Please contact us as (813) 975-3223 to schedule your free initial consultation or go to our website at www.EliteTampa.com for more information.

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