Making the decision to pursue the option of facial plastic surgery is significant and selecting the best surgeon for the job is crucial.  The only way to ensure that you will get the look that you want is by doing as much research on your potential doctor as you would do on the procedure itself.  You deserve only the most skilled medical team if you truly want to look your best, and with a few of these tips in mind you will be on a great start to finding the doctor who will ultimately help you achieve your goal of natural, beautiful results.

The most highly skilled facial plastic surgeons are able to achieve dramatic results while still maintaining a natural, subtle finished product—this is the artistry of the field.  If you consider how common scarring is for other surgical procedures, and how prominent they would appear on and around the face, you can easily see why it’s so important to choose a doctor with the expertise to create a dramatic transformation without anyone being able to tell you were ever touched by a scalpel.  Dr. Dominic Castellano, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida states that, “There is an art to performing facial surgery… the skin is so thin and delicate that it takes a steady hand and a great deal of knowledge of facial structure to be able to help the patient achieve the look they desire.”

Not only is it vital to be able to minimize scarring or other tissue damage, but it is also important that your plastic surgeon have a good eye for detail and aesthetics.  You want to be able to trust that your doctor knows what is conventionally attractive and can balance that with your own personal tastes.  Facial plastic surgeons should sit down and consult with their patients in advance to understand what they want to achieve and discuss different surgical options and expectations.  A reputable surgeon will readily discuss all the details of the procedure, the costs, recovery time, and share testimonials from other patients.

Of course, you should always ensure that your doctor has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  It’s always a good idea to review your doctor’s educational history and previous places of employment just to learn more about their levels and areas of expertise.  Some plastic surgeons specialize in work around the eyes, others are known for doing traditional face lifts, and still others will only do cosmetic repair.  Also make sure that the office is a fully accredited medical facility.

All patients should ask to review their potential doctor’s patients’ results through their portfolio of photographs; patients can opt into this portfolio to help others do their research.  You should be sure to view an extensive selection of picture evidence of long-term results of the exact procedure(s) you are interested in.  When you see beautiful, flawless transformations you will know you’ve made the right choice.

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