Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions | Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Tampa FL

Hair loss occurs in both men and women and it can be a cause of self-consciousness for both genders. There are a number of reasons that hair loss occurs. Some causes are strictly temporary while others can have permanent effects.

1. Hormonal changes – hormonal changes caused by an overactive or under active thyroid can result in hair loss. Women going through menopause may also lose their hair and pregnancy can cause the same effect. In any circumstance, the hair does not grow back naturally.

2. Genetics – maternal genes can determine whether or not you’ll use your hair, and at what point of life it will occur. When hair loss takes place due to genetics, the effects are permanent.

3. Medication – there are prescription medications that can cause individuals to lose their hair. Medications that cause hair loss might be related to therapies as intensive as chemo or even those that are used to treat minor illnesses and infections in some circumstances.Typically, hair regrowth does occur when these are the causes of hair loss.

Those who suffer from permanent hair loss don’t need to live with it forever, hair transplant procedures like the NeoGraft method can offer a solution.

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