Your skin often reflects your age. As we get older, collagen and elastin in the skin diminishes, making us look less youthful.  It is a myth that facial exercises can help aid in the slowing of the aging process, and can often do more harm than good.  Fortunately, there is a wide range of anti-aging practices that can help aid in slowing down the process of aging and damaged skin.

What Ages Your Skin?

Exposure to Sun – No matter how much you try to stay out of the sun’s rays, powerful daily exposure to UV rays damages the skin.  The sun breaks down collagen and elastin, creating lines and wrinkles in the epidermis.  Up to 90 percent of damage to the skin occurs because of the sun.

Collagen Loss – As we age, our collagen naturally begins to decrease.  Skin begins to lose its plump and firm feel due to collagen loss.

Gravity – Tissues are held in place by muscles in the face, but over time, gravity wears on the tightness of skin.

Daily Facial Expression – years of smiling, frowning, and squinting result in lines and wrinkles in the face.

Solutions to Anti-aging Skincare:

Don’t bother with facial exercises. They can in fact do more damage by causing more lines and wrinkles by contorting your face.

Facial massages boost circulation and draw out impurities.

Topical treatments can help with boosting collagen.  Look for creams with peptides which encourage collagen renewal.  Glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy) is also powerful in producing much needed collagen.  Glycerine helps to hydrate the skin, so look for washes and toners that replenish dryness.

Wear sunscreen every day, even when not exposed to the sun.  Do not use tanning beds or sunbathe excessively.  And remember that concrete, water, and sand reflect the sun’s harmful rays, so shade may not always protect our skin.

Contact us for more details on surgical and non surgical practices for younger looking skin.

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