Wrinkles around the eyes are very common in most men and women over 30 and are often one of the first signs of aging.  But Botox and the newer Xeomin are great at not only reducing wrinkles in this area, but also in preventing new wrinkles from occurring at least while the drug is active.

The areas of skin around the eyes are very delicate and incredibly sensitive due to the thinness of the tissue—especially as you age.  This skin is very reactive to changes in humidity and temperature and toxins in the environment or any harsh chemicals on the skin. This is why it is vital that everyone use a high quality moisturizer on the skin around the eyes on a daily basis, particularly during the daytime, to protect it and prevent signs of premature aging as long as possible.  Fortunately, Xeomin has recently joined the market with Botox as a treatment for premature aging that has already made an appearance in the skin.  Not only can you treat current problem areas but you can prevent these from worsening or spreading by keeping those areas firm and supple.

Xeomin is a new injectable treatment for wrinkles, similar to Botox, that acts as a paralytic and blocks nerve signals to select muscles in the face.  Dr. Dominic Castellano, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida states that unlike Botox, Xeomin does not need to be refrigerated, and is known as the “naked injectable” because it contains no additives—this increases the likelihood that the injection treatments will be effective.  Both Xeomin and Botox have allowed men and women in the United States to attain youthful looks by softening wrinkles and are more similar than they are different, while still offering a choice to discerning patients.

Each of these injectable treatments can be administered very easily, and quickly, with little downtime.  Doctors can selectively place the injections around problem areas with precision, in as little time as a lunch break, and their peak effects are noticeable within about a week.  Consequently, it is now simple and virtually painless to treat wrinkles with a regular injectable regimen.

Both Xeomin and Botox also produce effects of softened and diminished lines and wrinkles that can last 3 to 6 months; this means that with only 2 to 4 treatments per year, patients can prolong soft, smooth, youthful skin for years beyond when the symptoms of premature aging first present themselves.  The development of Botox and Xeomin are like a fountain of youth.

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