As we age, it is normal for physical changes to occur in the face. Many older adults will begin to lose muscle tone, which can result in a droopy facial appearance. It is possible for the nose to actually lengthen as we age, creating more of a prominence. Another common age problem with the skin on the face is the appearance of colored spots. This can be caused by a number of things, including exposure to the sun.

The presence of wrinkles is another sign of aging that many people try to prevent. These wrinkles can be more prevalent in individuals that spend a lot of time in the sun, or that smoke.

It is also normal for eyelashes and eyebrows to turn grey or white, giving them the appearance that they’re non-existent. In addition, the skin around the eyes can become loose and the eye socket itself will lose some fat pads which will give the look of sunken eyes.

Other changes that commonly occur to the face as we age include:

  • Changes in the color of the eye. The iris will lose pigment as we age, which makes elderly people look as though their eyes are gray or light blue.
  • The loss of teeth can make the lips look smaller and when the jawbone loses material, the lower portion of the face will appear smaller.
  • The appearance of the mouth can be altered due to receding gums.

Aging was never said to be glamorous, but the above physical changes which are normal can be treated. There are skin and muscle treatments available that can help us look better as we age. Our website has more information about treatments that can help you look younger, contact us for a consultation.

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