You may notice signs of aging in your neck before they show up in your face.  Often these appear in the form of jowls, a double chin or the dreaded turkey neck.  While some plastic surgeons may recommend a traditional facelift to address both face and neck wrinkles at the same time, many people are not prepared for the extensive surgery and recovery period necessary for this type of surgery.  But many do not realize that there is a less invasive and more targeted option available with the Simplicity Neck Lift which is utilized by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dominic Castellano of Tampa, Florida.

Signs of aging in the neck typically are caused by three main factors:  lax skin, excess fat and laxity of the muscles in the neck.  These issues will create the appearance of jowls, a lessening of the angle between the neck and chin (often called double chin), loose hanging skin, or vertical bands which are referred to as “turkey neck.”  All of these conditions can be repaired with the Simplicity Neck Lift which is minimally invasive and requires less recovery time than traditional neck lift surgery.

The procedure for the Simplicity Neck Lift is as follows:  a small incision is made under the chin and liposuction is often used to remove any excess fat.  The skin and underlying muscle is tightened and stitched together from each side.  This creates a “sling” that defines the angle between the chin and neck.  This procedure will remove the vertical bands or wrinkles and provide support to the neck tissues to make the patient look 10 to 15 years younger.

The neck lift is a minimally invasive procedure which rejuvenates the neck with minimal downtime and recovery.  The surgery is done under either local or IV anesthesia and takes about 1.5 hours.  It can be combined with other procedures such as the Simplicity Lift, laser resurfacing and eyelid surgery.   All patients receive treatment in our Tampa state of the art fully accredited facility.

If you are considering a neck lift to restore your youthful appearance, then we recommend that you schedule a consultation to discuss the Simplicity Neck Lift as an alternative to traditional face or neck surgery.  We can share more about the procedure, costs, and recovery time as well as share testimonials from satisfied patients during the consultation and provide before and after pictures so you can better envision what this minimally invasive surgery can do to take years off your appearance.


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