Even though plastic surgery is elective and can be life changing, there are still stresses that come with going under the knife. In order to make the recovery as simple as possible, it’s important to understand what the procedure and recovery will entail and plan ahead.

  • Understand that results aren’t instant – with plastic surgery, it’s possible that you’ll look worse before you look better, but once the swelling goes down and the bruising disappears, you’ll love the results. Just don’t be discouraged when you look in the mirror for the first time.
  • Ask your doctor when you’ll be allowed to bath – after a surgery and hospital stay, you may feel like going straight home to jump in the shower or bath, but if you do it before it’s safe to you could compromise your recovery. Ask your doctor before doing anything so you know if you need to wait 2 days or 2 weeks.
  • Recognize the importance of elevating the area where the surgery was performed – you may not think it’s necessary, but especially with facial surgery it’s important to keep your head elevated for faster healing.
  • Don’t assume natural vitamins and medicines are safe – there can be complications and side effects of herbal based substances, so don’t take it just because it’s natural; you still need to check with your doctor.
  • Cover up – a surgical area can be sensitive to the sun and it must be protected with clothing or sunscreen.

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