If you are over thirty and live in the Tampa area, you probably already have started to develop wrinkles around your mouth.  It is inevitable that wrinkles will develop because of our more frequent exposure to the sun but there are ways to prevent wrinkles… especially wrinkles around your mouth.  Wrinkles form as a result of the natural aging process, as well as by our actions and environmental causes.  As we age, our skin becomes thinner, drier and begins to lose its elastic properties.  Combine this with exposure to the sun, and we develop wrinkles pretty quickly in the Tampa area.     Some of these can be controlled, some cannot be avoided entirely.  Here we will provide some tips that will help you prevent wrinkles from forming around your mouth.

Prevent Wrinkles around your Mouth with these 5 Tips:

1)      Avoid the Sun – as already mentioned, exposure to sunlight is one of the key causes of wrinkles.  When possible, stay in the shade and always use a sunscreen with a high SPF.

2)      Wear a Hat when outdoors –people who wear hats will usually develop wrinkles later in life as compared with others of the same skin type.

3)      Do Not Smoke – smoking is second to sun exposure in terms of creating wrinkles.  Puckering the lips around the cigarette and the drying tendencies of the smoke contribute greatly to the small vertical lines around the lips…known as smoker’s or lipstick lines.

4)      Shun drinking from straws – in order to drink from a straw, you pucker your lips in the same motion as you would draw from a cigarette.  This will cause similar lines although not as quickly because you avoid the extra dryness that is caused by tobacco smoke.

5)      Avoid making facial expressions – this is not really possible, but the more you smile, frown, or purse your lips, the more likely you are to be forming wrinkles.  We recommend smiling only simply because it is more pleasant.

If you cannot Prevent Wrinkles, Cure Them

If you have already developed wrinkles around your mouth, there are ways to eliminate or at least reduce their appearance.  A good facial plastic surgeon can help you to reverse the damage.  There are many wonderful dermal fillers on the market that can help to fill in the lines or creases that have developed around your mouth.  Juvederm is perfect to fill in the smoker’s lines that form close to your lips.  Radiesse is an excellent choice for the deeper mariotte lines or nasolabial folds (smile lines) and can help fill in deeper furrows near the mouth.  Dermal fillers will work to reduce wrinkles for three months to up to 18 months depending on the product used and where it is placed.  According to Dr. Dominic Castellano, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, dermal fillers are a “great way to improve the contours of your face and restore your youthful appearance without surgery and with little or no downtime.”

For severe wrinkles or to eliminate the wrinkles on a more permanent basis, a facelift may do the trick.  A facelift will lift and tighten both the outer skin as well as the underlying tissue to provide a more youthful look.  At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dominic utilizes the Simplicity Facelift that is less invasive than traditional facelift surgery, but offers most of the same benefits.  A Simplicity Facelift can help reduce wrinkles in the mid and lower face with less downtime than with older surgical methods.

If you are interested in learning more about how to prevent and reduce wrinkles around your mouth, please contact Elite Facial Plastic Surgery to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dominic.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility located in Tampa Florida. Medical Director, Dr. Dominic Castellano, is a highly respected, board-certified facial plastic surgeon.  The medical team is well trained and specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and injectable procedures.  Call (813) 975-3223 today to schedule your complimentary visit or go to our website for more information www.EliteTampa.com

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