Injectable treatments are growing more popular every day here at our Tampa office. We often meet with patients excited about using dermal fillers to plump up their lips or BOTOX® injections to relax wrinkles and solve problems like headaches and excess sweating. With the rise of injectables, however, has come the dangerous trend of bargain hunting for facial fillers. People eager to save on treatments have started shopping for knock-offs, turning to corner-cutting injectors and even using unregulated products from other countries.

I can’t stress enough how dangerous this approach can be. Fillers are a huge trend, but they are medical procedures at the end of the day, and should be treated with appropriate care and caution. Here at our practice, we pride ourselves on providing safe procedures performed by highly skilled practitioners so you can be sure you’re getting the results you want in an accredited and trustworthy environment.

The Dangers of Bargain Hunting for Fillers

Off-brand products aren’t regulated and can cause adverse reactions. When products aren’t created and distributed through an authorized manufacturer, there is no safety or quality assurance to monitor production. These products could be developed anywhere and contain any ingredient, from saline to cement.

Overly diluted products won’t have the proper effect and can lead to infection. When products are taken out of their original containers to be mixed with dilution agents such as saline, the odds of contamination are much greater.

Imported products aren’t held to FDA standards. The only way for an injector to know a product is completely safe is to order it directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributor. Products may be approved and sold legitimately in other countries, but they aren’t judged by strict U.S. regulations. Overseas shipping also often means less information on how products have been packaged and handled.

Improper administration can cause you harm. A practitioner may be offering such an unbelievable deal because a less-than-qualified injector, who doesn’t have expertise in the proper way to administer injections, could be the one treating you. In rare cases, incorrect practice can lead to added bruising, infections, nerve damage, and even paralysis.

Sticking to authorized U.S. distributors and working with a doctor you trust are key to ensuring a positive, regulated, and effective injectable experience.

When you visit our Tampa practice, you can rely on our expert Nurse Practitioner injectors to administer safe, authorized injectables with experienced technique. We treat dermal filler and BOTOX injections like the detailed medical procedures they are, and we are excited to help you reach your aesthetic goals in an environment you can trust.

If you’re interested in learning more about what injectable treatments can do for you, I invite you to contact us to request a consultation.

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