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We are pleased to announce the opening of the Jasin Hair Transplant Institute in Tampa, Florida.  Dr. Michael Jasin, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, and medical director of the Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has been providing hair transplantation to men and women for the past several years as part of the facial rejuvenation practice.   The increase of patients seeking hair restoration has shown a need to expand our business and create a separate entity to provide a solution to those suffering from hair loss.

Hair TransplantThe Jasin Hair Transplant Institute provides a revolutionary non-invasive hair transplant procedure that does not require any incisions, stitches or long lasting scars.  Older methods of transplanting hair include the “strip method” (otherwise known as FUT – follicular unit transplant) which involves a surgeon making a large incision across the back of the head.  The strip method means that a strip of hair and skin is excised from the scalp and the hair follicles removed from the section of scalp to get grafts for transplantation.   This often leaves a large and visible scar long after the procedure is completed.  Some patients also have gotten infections from the open wound or have experienced lasting numbness from the surgery.

Dr. Jasin’s method uses NeoGraft technology to harvest the hair follicles individually for transplant.  The NeoGraft equipment makes very small 1mm punches in the scalp to extract the hair follicles one at a time.  This means that the hair can be gathered across a larger area of the scalp which will not leave a bare spot from excessive harvesting.  The hair follicles are then replanted by hand into areas affected by hair loss.  Doing the transplant by hand means that each follicle will be properly place to follow the growth patterns of the existing hair and produce the most natural results.

The benefits of the Jasin Hair Transplant include:

  • No incision
  • No stitches or staples
  • No unsightly scar
  • No numbness at the donor site
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Minimal to no pain
  • The ability to wear hair short with no visible seam or scar
  • Fewer hairs are removed from the donor site so no visible seams
  • Your natural hair is transplanted into areas of hair loss
  • Reduces need for additional procedures

Dr. Jasin underwent a similar NeoGraft hair transplant process and was so pleased with the natural results that he decided to invest in the technology for his own practice.   Dr. Jasin is the Medical Director of the Jasin Hair Transplant Institute – he works with each patient to formulate a transplant plan and designs a new hairline for each individual.  His experience as a facial plastic surgeon and his aesthetic design means that he can provide a patient with the most natural looking hair transplant.

If you are interested in learning more about the Jasin Hair Transplant, please contact us at 813-975-0139 or visit us online at  You can schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Jasin to find out how your hair loss can be reversed with a permanent, natural hair transplant.


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