If you suffer from a “weak chin,” have a sagging neck, or an over-projected nose then you may be a candidate for a chin implant.  In the Western world strong chins are associated with confidence and power, and if the proportions of your facial features cause your nose to appear to protrude out too far then you may give the impression of being less assertive or successful.  Fortunately, there is the option of a surgical procedure as a treatment for this problem.  While several treatments can be combined for flawless and natural looking facial contouring, a chin implant is one of the simplest and most common steps to take if you are concerned about a weak chin area.

A chin implant procedure, or chin augmentation, is a cosmetic process that helps increase the prominence of the lower jaw’s bone structure.  This can be done with either synthetics or natural, biological implantations.  The chin bone itself can sometimes be physically readjusted to achieve the desired look.  Other variations on this treatment involve the insertion of a prosthesis over the patient’s jawbone from under the chin or under the lower row of teeth inside the mouth.  The decision making process regarding which approach to take for the procedure is done together with the plastic surgeon during the consultation.  Dr. Dominic Castellano, a board certified, facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, states that, “Often the plastic surgeon may recommend that the chin augmentation be done in conjunction with cheek implants, facial liposuction, or non-surgical rhinoplasty in order to achieve a balanced overall final product.”

In order to be a good candidate for a chin implant the patient must be mentally and physically healthy enough to handle the procedure itself and the healing period.  Being healthy physically will minimize any bruising, pain, swelling, or slowed healing as a result of the procedure.  Good candidates also should not have any bone disorders or be on Accutane—as this can complicate the procedure.  If you suffer from a receding chin, large nose or a fleshy neck area then you may be ideal for this procedure.

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