It’s a long-standing debate as to whether or not makeup is good for your skin. Few women are willing to give up their favorite cosmetics, but that doesn’t mean that they’re aren’t concerned about keeping their skin in optimal health. The answer is that all makeup is not good for your skin, but some is! When shopping for standard cosmetic items, choose products that are noncomedogenic; these products will not clog pores when applied to your skin.  Besides the makeup products that are less harmful, there are some items that can actually be beneficial when applied to your face. To benefit your skin health while looking great all made up; keep your eyes open for these categories of skin care products with the below-mentioned ingredients.

1. Antioxidants and peptides  in makeup– cosmetics with these ingredients can help reduce the effects of fine lines and wrinkles in your skin.

2. Growth factors in makeup – if you have loose skin, makeup that contains growth factors can help to improve skin’s elasticity through new cell and blood vessel growth.

3. Hydroxy Acids in makeup – women who suffer from dry skin will find their makeup can help moisturize so skin isn’t dull.

Of course, regardless of the makeup you choose to use; your skin will remain in optimal shape with an effective skin care regimen. The makeup that you choose to apply to your face should be used to help enhance your appearance, not cover it up. Specialized skin care products and services of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery can complete the combination to keep you looking young and vibrant!

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