OK, so everyone has probably heard that mixing drugs and alcohol isn’t a good idea.  But what if the drug is Botox?

While Botox is very safe and has been used for many years to remove wrinkles and tighten up the face, having injections done while in a party setting is not recommended by most facial surgeons.

The proponents of the parties claim that having a group for moral support is helpful and that a Botox Party in Tampa, is nothing more than a fun beauty night for women to socialize while taking care of their wrinkles.  And they insist that they DO have a qualified ‘practitioner’ actually doing the work. But there are some negatives that should be considered:

1)     Lack of privacy & no time for individual consultation

2)     Alcohol alters the decision making process and peer pressure can be a negative factor

3)     Less control over maintaining a clean, sterile environment outside an office setting

4)     ‘Medical personnel’ may not be qualified and you may not be comfortable asking for a

5)     Adverse effects can be a disaster and a bad treatment will show on your face for months afterwards

When having work done on your face, it is best to do some research first and sit down with a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon to discuss the work you need (or don’t need) done. Plus, it is important to provide a medical history because some conditions such as multiple sclerosis, bleeding disorders or taking certain medications may adversely affect the results.

At a party, your friends may “help” you decide what wrinkles to fix and you may not be able to resist the pressure to get the Botox injections.  With alcohol being served, it is even easier to say ‘Yes’ to treatments and perhaps agree to doing a much larger area than is necessary – spending more money and opening yourself up to possible complications.

And yes, though Botox is safe when administered by a qualified medical professional, there can be problems if the drug is not properly injected or if too much is used.  According to Dr. Dominic Castellano at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Fl, these side-effects include: “drooping eyelids’ caused by Botox migration, muscle weakness, problems blinking, bleeding at the injection site or headaches and nausea that can last a week following the procedure.

Before you agree to attend a Botox party, consider the pros and cons and ask questions.  Be sure that you are comfortable with your decision to have work done.  Do not trust your face to just anyone.  Make certain you use a highly qualified facial surgeon who knows exactly where to inject the drug for the best results and how much to use to avoid any complications.

Remember, a bad result will be highly visible for long after that fun little night out with the girls.

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