Laser skin resurfacing, often called photorejuvination, is a process involving strong, pulsating light to treat skin disorders and wrinkles.  Sometimes heat or chemical methods are used in addition to the laser to rejuvenate the pigment and texture of the skin.  Normally, a laser or light is used to remove dead skin cells that are on the skins surface to reveal newer and fresher skin underneath.  This process can also fade or in time remove unwanted scars, brown sun spots, wrinkles, stretch marks or birthmarks.  Some clients opt for laser skin resurfacing after a surgery or a traumatic event that has left their skin damaged.

Laser treatments work on resurfacing both the outer layer of the skin, and the deeper layer of the skin.  Doctor Dominic chooses the Erbium YAG laser as his favourite laser to use for many reasons.  This specific laser can be absorbed through the skin significantly better than other lasers in photorejuvination.  Because of the good absorption levels, there is less of a chance of heat damage or injury to the skin that is being treated.  This results in more rapid healing, less redness of the skin’s surface after treatment, and less chance for hyper or hypo pigmentation.

The age to which the YAG laser is used ranges from younger clients in their twenties, to older clients in their seventies.  People with different pigmentation’s of skin, such as olive, dark or lighter brown colours, even yellow undertones, can be effectively treated with the Erbium laser with optimal results.  Although the skin will require time to heal, our professional attitude and methods for healing are explained and give our clients the results they desire.

At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, we take the time to understand each patient’s needs and requirements out of a facial rejuvenation session.  We take into account things like lifestyle, skin type, skin history, sun damage, and time constraints for healing.  The results are always akin to our patients needs. Conforming and having to put one’s life on hold for a skin rejuvenation treatment is not our motive.  We would rather you enjoy your experience and let the rejuvenation process conform to your life rather than you being a slave to the treatment itself.

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