Plump, full lips are considered to be a sign of youth and sexuality.  The media bombards us every day with images of women with luscious, pouty lips that are just waiting to be kissed.  Although the images are beautiful, most of us weren’t born with full lips that draw that kind of attention.  Many women also find that their lips shrink and get thinner as they age, taking away from the sex appeal that they had when they were younger.  Lip enhancements actually enlarge the kissable surface area of your lips, giving you back your youthful lips or adding the kind of volume to your lips that you have always wanted.  You can have sexier lips that are more kissable in less than an hour.  Lip enhancements are a perfect way to enhance your own sex appeal, create a more youthful smile and gain greater confidence.

Lip Enhancements create plump, sexy lips!Plump Lips

There are some non-medical ways to enhance lip volume.  Certain makeup products have additives that plump up lips by inducing inflammation, however they have to be reapplied often and only work while they are applied.  There are also certain makeup application tricks that add the appearance of volume to the lips, but they are just illusions.  Your lips are not really fuller and more kissable.  As soon as the makeup comes off, so does the illusion.

Medical cosmetic lip enhancement is a much more effective way to get the sexy lips you want. Dermal fillers are the most popular form of medical lip enhancement because they are safe, effective and produce immediate results that last for months.  Many women avoid medical lip enhancement because they are afraid of looking unnatural or ending up with “fish lips.”   When performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, lip enhancements produce results that are beautiful and natural-looking.

How do lip enhancements work?

The most common form of lip enhancement involves the use of dermal fillers, which are injected right into the lips.  Many of today’s dermal fillers also include lidocaine, which reduces pain at the injection site, so the procedure is relatively painless.  During the treatment, the gel is injected in tiny amounts with a very fine needle, adding volume to lips as it is injected.  It can also be used to add contour and improve the shape of lips, making them sexier and enhancing the smile.  An added benefit is that the same dermal fillers can also be used to reduce wrinkles around the lips at the same time, creating a much more youthful, sexy mouth. These dermal fillers give physicians a great deal of control, allowing them to add just the right amount of volume to meet each patient’s needs.

Dr. Dominic Castellano, of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, is an expert in cosmetic procedures, including medical lip enhancement.  He prefers smooth fillers like Juvederm and Restylane for lip enhancement because they produce even results and very little bruising.  They are made from substances similar to those found naturally in the body, so they are safe and effective, there is little chance of allergic reactions or side effects, and they are safely absorbed back into the body over time, making the procedure worry free now and in the future.  These advanced dermal fillers are also long lasting.  Unlike makeup products and skillful makeup applications, which are fleeting at best, the results of dermal fillers can last for months.

How do I know if lip enhancement is right for me?

We all have different needs and different beauty goals, however if any of the following describe you, lip enhancement may be the solution you are looking for:
• Your lips have always been thin and disappear when you smile
• As you have aged, your lips have become thinner and less full
• You feel self-conscious about how your lips look
• Having fuller lips will help balance out your face.

If you are striving for a sexier appearance, lip augmentation can instantly give you full, thick lips that will get you noticed.  Because it is a medical procedure, however, it is important to consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in performing lip enhancements before making the decision to have treatment.  An experienced surgeon will have the expertise to make sure that your results are not only beautiful, but natural-looking.

If you want to learn more about how lip enhancements can improve the look of your smile, please contact Elite Facial Plastic Surgery today (813) 975-3223 or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility. Dr. Dominic Castellano is double-board certified.  He and his medical staff are highly trained in performing medical lip enhancements and will help give you lips that are youthful, plump and oh so kissable!

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